January 14, 2011

Morons at TPM Schmuckraker: Uh But But But Uh, But His Mom's a FOD!
Morons at Jawa Report: Nice Hat (bumped)



In an attempt to secure the release of Emerson Begolly, the 21-year-old Nazi-dressing alleged jihad enthusiast who allegedly bit two FBI agents, his defense lawyer alleged in court documents Wednesday that one of the agents had a romantic relationship with the suspect's estranged, alcoholic mother.
Stay classy there guys.
Late Update: The government just entered new evidence they unveiled in the case into the record. Included was the photo at the top of this post and the photo displayed below. We'll have more on the new evidence tomorrow.

Mmmmm tomorrow, indeed.

If I were her, I'd probably need a stiff drink too.

Sims said, however, that there was "no evidence that Mr. Begolly suffers from a major mental illness, and defense counsel has observed nothing to indicate same."
Obviously the Council for the Defense must be nipping from a brown paper bag too 'cause they can't remember what arguments they made the last time they were in court.

Update: More information here at PITTSBURGH TRIBUNE-REVIEW's Live blog:

A federal judge today ordered that a Clarion County man remain in jail while awaiting trial on charges that he bit two FBI agents investigating strange Internet postings.

Prosecutors presented evidence in court that included videos they say show Emerson Begolly, 21, of Mayport training himself to commit some kind of terrorist attack. The videos, some of which were shot by his father, Shawn Begolly of Mayport, show Emerson Begolly in a camouflage jacket with shoulder patches containing Arabic scripts on them.

He's carrying a weapon that FBI Special Agent Thomas Ferguson III described as similar to an AK-47, and shouting an Arabic phrase ″Allahu Akbar,″ which translates into ″God is great,″ before firing the gun.

Aww him and Dad playing Jihadi in the back yard?
U.S. District Judge Maurice Cohill overturned a federal magistrate's decision that would have released Begolly on bond to Renewal Inc., Downtown.

″I'm satisfied that he should be detained,″ the judge said.

Even more here.
Prosecutors say Begolly communicated online with Colleen LaRose, dubbed "Jihad Jane," who is accused of helping foreign terrorist suspects intent on starting holy war, and with and Zachary Chesser, who has pleaded guilty to threatening the creators of "South Park" for perceived insults to the prophet Muhammad.
Updated 11/14/11 05:26: Here's the video mentioned above from Pittsburgh Live.

Full story with the video is here.

Hat Tip: Zionist Overlord (number redacted).

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