January 13, 2011

Israel Has First & Only Arab Bone Marrow Registry For Unrelated Arab Donors

Alternate Hamas/Hezbollah/Iran - add related Radical Islamists - headline: Juice stealing Arab bone marrow.

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Arab donor registry created in Israel

There are 325 million Arabs in 22 Middle Eastern nations, but the first and only registry for unrelated Arab donors of bone marrow or stem cells has been developed at Israel's Hadassah University Medical Center in Jerusalem. Stem cell and bone marrow transplants can cure certain cancers and other serious disorders

Before this registry was established, only 10 percent of Arab patients were able to find matching unrelated donors in international registries, compared to 80 percent for Caucasian patients, because the Arab genome differs from that of other ethnic groups.

In 2008, Professor Chaim Brautbar and Dr. Amal Bishara, an Israeli Arab immunologist, established this Arab registry, and data from over 9,000 Israeli Arabs have both been stored in this registry and also been added to the international database in Leiden, Holland, so that compatible matches for would-be recipients can be more easily found. Brautbar regards this database as an important bridge between peoples.

Several weeks ago, Dr. Bishara presented a paper about the Israeli Arab registry at the Bone Marrow Donors Worldwide Organization meeting in Minneapolis, and this project generated much interest. The 9,000 samples were collected in 60 campaign drives in Israel. With the establishment of this donor registry, there now is an option for Arabs both in Israel and in other countries, even those at war with Israel, to find compatible donors for a transplant.[emphasis mine]

Marlene R. Eckstein, M.D.

Wow, just wow.

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