January 11, 2011

Saudis Release "Zionist Spy Vulture"


A bird suspected by some of being a spy for Israel's Mossad is being released by Saudi Arabia after officials learned the creature was merely part of a university research project.

The bird, which was first identified as a vulture but is reportedly a bald eagle, was captured last week by a local hunter in a remote area of the Saudi desert. The bird was wearing a GPS transmitter and a leg bracelet with the words "Tel Aviv University," according to reports that began with the Israeli daily Ma'ariv.

But after the vulture had been captured in Saudi Arabia, Prince Bandar bin Saud al Saud, the Saudi nature authority, told Arabic-language news dailies that the bird was not a spy and that there had been been a mixup concerning a tracking device that had been placed on the bird. He also said the bird was a bald eagle.

...Prince Bandar scolded local media outlets for what he said was irresponsible reporting, Emirates 24-7 reported.
"Some of the Saudi journalists rushed in carrying the news of this bird for the sake of getting a scoop without checking the information. ... I am not defending Israel, but we need to be clear. ... They [newspapers] should have asked the competent authorities about the bird before publishing such news."

Well OK. But Bald Eagle. WTF are the Israelis doing with a Bald Eagle?

I kinda feel sorry for the guy considering he's an entire ocean away from his natural habitat. Any Eagle you know that would move to the Saudi Desert?

Anyway I guess the Israelis can have one as our are going pretty well. I saw one fishing the river the other day as I was crossing.

But he's going to totally take over there. And find him a mate dammit.


Hetz Shahor adds: Eagles of Israel listed here:


My guess is Prince Bandar is confused.

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