January 10, 2011

WaPo: Loughner was an Independent, Didn't Vote In Midterms

Left: Dammit, Cause We Photoshopped His Registration as GOP

Addendum to Howie's post, just for reiteration, and to note that a lot of leftwingers are still holding this to be true. Even as that noted right-wing rag the Washington Post throws a little cold water on their hoax.

And the first time they did it, they misspelled Tucson as "Tuscon." Twice. Genius in action - they can't even fake the truth accurately:


When somebody noted this, another "correct" version appeared and began to circulate on leftwing blogs anyway - per their desire to want it to be true.

But wait...didn't independents swing against Obama this cycle? Why...they're ALL KILLERS! OMGz!

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