January 10, 2011

The Jared Lee Loughner Registration Fake

Is here.

And for the record, you can access voter information from with out a driver’s license or voter ID.
No you can't. I tested it. And I'm a computer analyst.

I tried all keys for his name and birth date in Pima county and the search returned no results.

Go ahead, try it yourself.

So unless this photo faker has his DL number or voter ID this is like totally fake.

Never underestimate just how low the lefties will go.

Oh and all your fakes are belong to us.

Update: Actually Laughner was registered as an Independent voter.

You know those middle wing extremists......

Update: And an urban legend is born. I surfed though some of the results here.

Its amazing the number of these results that no one bothered to correct once this story was proven false.

Even Democratic Underground ran a correction. But many have not. Its almost as if they think if they wish it to be true hard enough they can make their own reality.

They must suffer from the same type of delusions.

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