January 06, 2011

Brooklyn Bus Depot's Natural Gas Tanks/Bus Routes of Interest to Middle Eastern Looking "Videographers"

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Image credit NYBuff


Terror fears have struck a Brooklyn bus depot after reports that several suspicious people videotaped its highly-flammable natural gas tanks.

"If those were hit, the whole neighborhood would blow up," said Tommy McNally, a Transport Workers Union representative who responded to the reports.

Three incidents of mysterious filming were reported on Saturday, Sunday and Monday at the Jackie Gleason bus depot in Sunset Park. Police say they are investigating.

Those who spotted the individuals described them as "Middle Eastern’’ looking, and said they paid particular attention to the depot’s compressed natural gas tanks, near its front gate[...]

Then on Monday, another man was spotted filming buses along their routes in the neighborhood.

Hmmmm, wonder if those videographers have ever met al-Qaeda's "Dirty Bomber" Adnan Shukrijumah [Linked to Thwarted NYC Subway Bombing] Just a thought...

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