January 06, 2011

Someone Write Obi-One a Ticket!

If Obi-One is cited not for his seatbelt failure, a great disturbance in the Force there will be.


Update and we have another Holier than Thou Democrat:

Senator Suzanne Williams (D Colorado), stating that the proponent of the Primary Seatbelt Law in Colorado, had caused an accident in Texas which killed a pregnant mother and caused serious harm to her own son and two grandsons. The deceased woman was wearing her seatbelt. The son and two grandsons were NOT. Her youngest grandson is THREE years old, and was not restrained by a seatbelt OR a car seat at the time of the accident.
Susanne's grandson was thrown from the car.

Very lucky, me and a friend were thrown through a van windshield back in the day. He was sober so he drove, fell asleep at the wheel and hit a culvert about 55 mph.

Anyway I spent a long time explaining top the officer that we were both ejected. You don't believe me I asked? Yes he said, its just that 80% of people ejected die and you both were ejected and are OK.

Jesus is obviously very busy keeping up with me and Ms. Williams.

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