January 06, 2011

Arizona Mall Shooting Suspect Upset Over His Man Boobs?

I haven't run a boobie post in a while. And probably I'll have to do another to make up for this one..


This is the nut that caused all the ruckus in the mall in Chandler AZ yesteray.

CHANDLER, Ariz. - A shootout at an upscale shopping center in suburban Phoenix sent shoppers fleeing and prompted a mall lockdown Wednesday as the suspect who had exchanged gunfire with officers holed up in a fast food restaurant, authorities said.

The suspect surrendered Wednesday afternoon and no injuries were reported, officials said.

Hours after the noon-hour parking lot gunbattle, authorities reopened the Chandler Fashion Center following a search that had been made to confirm only one suspect was involved in both the shooting and the standoff.

"Thankfully, nobody was shot and nobody got hurt," Chandler police Sgt. Joe Favazzo said.

The mall reopened at about 5 p.m. after police SWAT teams with dogs finished their search.

...authorities later determined the robbery suspect was not the same man. Police identified the man in custody as 27-year-old Adam Hernandez, who they say may have robbed a hotel south of the mall earlier Wednesday. Police did not immediately release any other information on Hernandez.

Look on the bright side Adam, we think you'll look really nice once the inmates get you all dressed up..... and the bra might actually fit.

Enjoy your new life as a man-chick.

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