January 03, 2011

Its the Network!

Update: The Zionists coughed up a network diagram, saying "Salahudin Ibn Ja'far [Jihad Kathie's husband] is the grey critter, upper middle. Stockholm suicide bomber Taimour al-Abdaly is the green figure on the left. Samir Khan is the green figure on the right. The names of most of the others have been redacted out of courtesy to law enforcement in various countries":


Much has been said about the validity of the Jihad Kathie story. The usual suspects who'll take any opportunity to take a swipe at FOX have mentioned a few things. Phrases ike "the authorities know", and "she's not dangerous", and "taken out of context" have been used....a lot.....

First let me address the "taken out of context" charge.

Its kind of hard to take the entire uncut video out of context.

Thats why I posted the whole effing video, so YOU CAN'T TAKE IT OUT OF CONTEXT DUMBASS!.

Add to that the fact that Youtube removed the video for terms of service violations ALMOST IMMEDIATELY after it was uploaded. We did not flag the video as we were still looking it over. I'm not sure what they removed it for but common violations include inciting violence and promoting terrorism.

The authorities know!@#@eleventy!
Really? They do?

Fox did not drop the dime, we did. Given the quick death of the video and its nature, which Ill elaborate on more later, we sent it along through the proper channels. Just to be sure.

Would you rather we wait till after the bomb goes off? Cause we can do that. Or would you, Mr. John Q Public, rather we just trust the authorities to tell us what we need to know?

Now on to the "She's not dangerous!" part.

Lets review. Note the red line pointing out the phrase "Soldiers of Allah" in this frame grab from the video.


Let's see where have we heard that term before?


That's right its Nidal Hasan.

Now, the importance of Jihad Kathie is not so much Kathie herself. Its the social network she's a part of that is the real danger. I call the network the Ansar al-Mujahideen Network of Losers.

Lets look at the recent bombing of Sweden. The dead bomber Taimour Abdulwahab was three degrees of separation from Samir Khan, and Samir is a long time member of the Ansar al-Mujahideen Network of Losers and and is believed to be running AQAP's media operations with Anwar al-Awaki from Yemen.

So we've established that members, people close to Samir Khan and Anwar al-Awaki online, tend to blow up at a higher rate than your ordinary schmuck.

Now take a look at this frame grab from Kathie's video. Remember she claims that all the people in the video are close personal friends of her husband.


Note I've added a red arrow pointing at the website. That's the Ansar al-Mujahideen Network of Losers website in the background. And who is the user there in the pic.

Its Eric Breininger. Where is he now?


Now looking at the content of Jihad Kathie's video in the online Jihadi environment. Pictures of people and self worship are somewhat Haram. These images are most often put in the context of a martyrdom video. A video praising a particular Jihadi as an example, usually after his death.

The content of this video not only praises those imprisoned and martyred in the cause of Allah as Kathie sees it, it also raises her and her Husband Salahudin Ibn Ja'far to the same level. As if in anticipation of posthumous gloriffic martyrdom.

I mentioned that Nidal Hasan was zero degrees of separation from Anwar al-Awaki. Taimour Abdulwahab is known to be three degrees of separation from Samir Khan.

Jihad Kathy and Her Husband are zero degrees of separation in their social network to both of them. (By Zero I mean, "Hey Sammy, its me Jafar.")

This social network has been repeatedly shown to be dangerous and linked to al-Qaeda.

Salahudin Ibn Jafar may not be in prison, but he's not allowed to fly because he's considered too dangerous. And while the MSM is asking questions how about this one:

Is there something about German law that suits Salahudin Ibn Jafar's online activities better than US law? There is more than one reason the happy couple wishes to remain in Germany methinks.

The more all members of this network feel exposed and watched, the better I feel.

Information like this is the reason I came to Jawa Report, its the reason I blog here. Its what our readers want.

But if you schmucks playing circle jerk behind the barn over at Antiwar and TPMShmuckraker want to remain ignorant for a cheap shot at Fox, be our guest.


The 102-page manual, seen by the Daily Telegraph and available on the internet, explains how to find ingredients from everyday sources and how to mix explosives, including those used in the July 7 bombings and the recent ink cartridge bomb found at East Midlands airport.

It has been endorsed by two leading al-Qaeda strategists and marks an explicit attempt by the terrorist group to encourage followers to launch their own attacks, without training.


I'm sure the Indiana Department of Emergency Management will let you know what to do after the bomb goes off.

Update: Correction on the name with the image.

Its hard to keep all these folks strait.

The image is of Eric Breininger. He died on the battlefield in Pakistan.

el-Hajdib is indeed in German prison for plotting a bomb attack.

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