December 28, 2010

al-Shabaab: Calls Obama to Islam

Terror Free Somalia:

A leader of Somalia's Islamist insurgency threatened to attack America during a speech broadcast Monday.

"We tell the American President Barack Obama to embrace Islam before we come to his country," said Fuad Mohamed "Shongole" Qalaf.

Al-Shabab has not yet launched an attack outside Africa but Western intelligence has long been worried because the group targeted young Somali-Americans for recruitment. About 20 have traveled to Somalia for training and at least three were used as suicide bombers inside Somalia.

So how about it Obi-One?

If you don't convert to Islam they will attack your people. But if you convert the Christians will come and behead you as an wait....

I guess its OK.

Interestingly enough the question I got with this is, What is he Shia? a Murtad? They never even guessed Obama is a Cross Worshiper.

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