December 27, 2010

Six Become Guests of Morocco's Security Services


PARIS -- Morocco's Interior Ministry says six people with expertise on explosives have been arrested on suspicion that they were preparing car bomb attacks on foreign and domestic targets.

The ministry says in a statement Monday that the six were planning to use their expertise to carry out acts of sabotage, including car bombings.

The statement was carried by the MAP news agency. It says the six were part of a terror network targeting foreign interests in the kingdom and Moroccan security sites as well as sites abroad.

Hetz Shahor adds: According to Ennahar Online:

"The member of this network have acquired considerable experience in the manufacture of explosives" via the Internet and they were planning to "carry out acts of sabotage (...) through car bombs" in particular, according to a statement from the Moroccan Interior Ministry on Monday.
The arrests are said to have occurred on 10 December 2010, in Oujda, Nador, and Casablanca.

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