December 14, 2010

محمد أكبر من الله


I find it odd, after hearing this NPR story, that the punishment for insulting Muhammed is greater than the punishment for the desecration of "Allah's Word", the Koran?

At a recent protest after Friday's prayers in Rawalpindi, a small crowd of bearded men chanted: "Asia, the blasphemer: Hang her, hang her."

Such protesters who often eclipse the country's more peaceful majority views are passionate that Pakistan's blasphemy law should not be questioned let alone changed.

The leader of the demonstration, Mohammad Saleem of the Jamiat Ulema-e-Pakistan Party, said: "Our country is Islamic and we are Muslims. We want justice."

Under the law, defiling the Quran merits imprisonment for life. Defaming the sacred name of Muhammad merits death. The penalties were introduced in the 1980s under the dictatorship of General Zia Al Haq, who critics say used the measures to prop up his rule using Islam.

The protesting men pledged to "protect the dignity" of the Prophet and "to sacrifice our lives for Muhammad."

And even odder still that the ones who most want to see the blood of Asia Bibi spilled in the name of Allah are doing it over an insult -- well the truth actually -- about the prophet Muhammad? They make an Idol of man and place him above God?

Muhammed > Allah?

No wonder you can't win any converts with logic like that. Besides a Christian touching a Koran is forbidden. So doesn't that kind of interfere with conversion? I mean open honest conversion? Not the kind where some kiddy porn surfin Imam brainwashes illiterate kids.

Kudos to the liberal shills at NPR for once reporting the ugly truth of the treatment of non-Muslims in 95% Muslim majority Pakistan.

Christians in Pakistan are ghettoized in the poorest housing, relegated to the most menial jobs and marginalized to the lowest socio-economic class.

Political analyst Rasul Bakhsh Rais says the blasphemy laws are nothing more than a "big stick" to intimidate "the other" Christians and other religious minorities into submission.

"And in most of the cases, it has become an instrument of personal vendettas, revenge and settling personal scores. And it is why this law needs to be revisited and re-examined," he said.

The blasphemy law has "bred intolerance in Pakistan," Rais said, for Christians, Hindus and members of the Ahmadi Muslim sect, whom Pakistan's constitution prohibits from even being called Muslims.

Now remember, lest I become politically incorrect, these radicals who, you know, hate everyone, are just a (choke) small (gasp) minority (kackchokesuufergag) of Muslims (vomit).

There I said it.

And oh yeah while I'm here. Fatwa?

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