December 13, 2010

Internet Porn Domain

XXX remains controversial.

The bid to create .xxx a top-level domain just for web porn will be tied up in red tape for at least a few more months after national governments pressured ICANN to block its approval.

At this week's ICANN 39 meeting in Cartagena, Colombia, ICANN's board of directors signalled its intent to approve ICM Registry's .xxx domain, but said it would first have to confront government objections.

So, the governments, via the Government Advisory Council, and ICANN are at odds and ICANN is leaning toward just ignoring the GAC.

Note that opposition to the .xxx domain designation comes from (1) religious groups fearing more and more porn and from (2) porn producers fearing government regulation and censorship.

Frankly, I would suggest that there is no need for a designated-porn domain. It's not like anyone has to search very hard to find naughty websites.

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