December 05, 2010

Oregon: Barry Sommers To Teach 'What is Islam' Class at LCC


It wasn't CAIR approved.

LCC Cancels class

Mr Sommer believes it was due to his appearance on KEZI9 TV

Dear All Concerned, my name is Barry Sommer and as a result of my appearance on KEZI News,, the local ABC affiliate here in Eugene, Oregon, which was subsequently re-broadcast nationally, I have been threatened by CAIR and Ibrahim Hooper. Due to my course at Lane Community College titled "What is Islam" and my connection with Act!4america, CAIR deems me unfit to teach a class. They pressured the college to drop me as an instructor. As of this statement the class has been cancelled with no explanation. The opponents to my teaching appointment are growing by the minute in the Muslim community and my quotes are now posted on the CAIR website.This is a free speech issue, and CAIR must not be allowed to gain the upper hand. I am asking for help and support in this fight [.] What can be done?
CAIR's earlier Press Release: Anti-Muslim Hate Group Leader to Teach Islam at Oregon College regarding Mr Sommer.
Sommer has a history of making false and misleading statements about Islam[...]

In a July 16, 2010 letter to Eugene's Register-Guard newspaper, Sommer wrote: "Until Islam changes its 1,400 years of subjugation and conquest by the sword, the atrocities will continue to escalate."[So?..ed]

Freedom fighter, Brigitte Gabriel, is mentioned...a lot. Why? She is a former member of the religion of ROP. Incorrect, I apologize. I had my mind on someone else.

No Virginia, there is no 1st Amendment rights for Mr Sommer. The unindicted co-conspirators in the Holy Land Foundation's terrorist funding trial - CAIR - has given out another lump of coal gag order to those who dare speak out against Islam.

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