December 04, 2010

Israel: Carmel Disaster (Update x 3)

A few images from IDF photostream:

French Air Force Preparing for Flight, Dec 2010
December 4, 2010. A French fire fighting plane (Bombardier Dash-8) preparing for takeoff on another fire-extinguishing flight from an IAF base in northern Israel.
Arrival of Foreign Aid to IAF Bases, Dec 2010
December 3, 2010. Throughout the day, European support troops landed in Israeli Air Force bases in order to assist the ongoing efforts in the Carmel disaster area.

Arrival of Foreign Aid to IAF Bases, Dec 2010
Pictured: Greek planes landing at the Ramat David Air Force Base.
The most surprising, Turkey:
Arrival of Foreign Aid to IAF Bases, Dec 2010
Pictured: A Turkish plane after having landed in an IAF base today[12/03...ed]

Update: Internet Haganah has a link to 'Critical Request for Fire Disaster Relief' at Jewish Agency for Israel if you so choose to help. It would be greatly appreciated I'm sure.

Also, will add images of our planes, don't see them yet: 2 US Hercules planes have landed

Two US Hercules planes carrying 18 tons of firefighting material have landed at Ben Gurion International Airport. US ambassador to Israel James Cunningham who was present when they arrived promised this assistance was just the beginning, saying further aid would arrive Monday including a tactical team.
Below the fold: Current situation of assistance from abroad in the battle with the Carmel forest fire from MFA Spokesman:

Israeli diplomatic missions in capitals around the world are continuing in their efforts to accelerate international assistance to enable the country to cope with the disaster. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs has established a situations room with representatives from the Israel Air Force, the National Emergency Authority, the firefighting services and other agencies.

Following is the current situation according to the data received in the MFA’s situation room:

Twenty one aircraft and helicopters have arrived in Israel. Of these, thirteen are actively engaged in extinguishing the blaze.

Breakdown by country:

Greece: 4 aircraft and an additional Hercules plane for equipment and cargo.
Cypress: 2 aircraft, 1 plane and 1 helicopter
Great Britain: 2 helicopters
Turkey: 2 planes
Russia: 4 planes, including 1 B-20, 1 YAK which brought in 10 experts and two Ilyushin-67s.
France: 1 cargo plane
Italy: 1 cargo plane
Bulgaria: Approximately 100 firefighters
Jordan: 3 firefighting vehicles and fire retardant materials
EL Al has also flown in fire prevention materials from Marseille.

An additional thirteen planes are expected to land in Israel today, Saturday 4 December 2010:

The United States: 2 Hercules planes originating from the US Air Force base in Germany, expected to land at approximately 1800 hours at Ben Gurion Airport. They are expected to carry fire retardant materials and other essential equipment.[Landed...ed]
Russia: 2 helicopters
France: 2 firefighting aircraft
Spain: 4 firefighting aircraft and an additional cargo plane
Azerbaijan: 2 helicopters
Switzerland: 1 helicopter

Tomorrow, Sunday 5 December, an additional 3 planes from the US and one from Canada are expected to arrive.

Worlds largest firefighting plane from the US, the Evergreen, is expected to land overnight tonight. I don't know if that is included in the 3 mentioned above.YNet
The Evergreen Supertanker, the world's largest aerial firefighting plane, was expected to land in Israel on Saturday night and join the fire extinguishing efforts. The American plane, which has a capacity of 80,000 liters of water, is capable of operating in the night as well – as opposed to other firefighting aircraft.

Israel will pay a heavy price - some $200,000 an hour – for failing to purchase firefighting planes throughout the years.

Update II: Thanks to Bubbe.
Assmaggots overjoyed over fire
'Fire is God punishing Israel for occupying Arab lands'

Many in the Arab world seem to be happy with the big fire that has been raging in northern Israel over the past few days.

Judging from comments of readers in response to the blaze in several leading Arab media outlets and websites, a majority believe that God is “punishing” Israel for occupying Arab lands and killing Palestinians, especially during Operation cast Lead in the Gaza Strip[...]

Many Arabs also strongly condemned Egypt and Jordan for agreeing to help in extinguishing the blaze.

Others called on Israel’s enemies, particularly Iran, Hamas and Hizbullah to seize the opportunity and try to wipe Israel off the face of earth. Only a few readers and viewers expressed sympathy with Israel over the tragedy and the loss of many lives[...]

May Allah punish all Arabs who helped put down the fire. We pray to Allah that the fire will grow and spread to oil wells in the Arab world.”

“O’ Allah, burn them [Jews] before the Day of Judgement. O’ Allah, destroy them and all the enemies of Islam.”

“May Allah take revenge against them and displace them together with our corrupt [Arab] governments.”

“This is the right time for Iran. If one fire has caused panic in the Zionist entity, where are Mahmoud Ahmadinejad and Hassan Nasrallah? And where is Syria? One rocket could set thousands of fires.”

“Allah gives time, but never neglects. The Israelis are being punished for their deeds. We hope their end is nearing.”

Jawas bitch Joey was overjoyed too:

joey Isreal.png

Update III: Horns, fireworks & jubilation: (Google translate but you get the drift)

A partner for peace that celebrates death

Dans les villages arabes du Goush Etzion et un peu partout en Judée-Samarie, l'annonce de la catastrophe nationale de l'incendie dans le Carmel inspire une liesse non dissimulée. In the Arab villages of Gush Etzion and all over Judea and Samaria, the announcement of the national catastrophe of the fire in the Caramel inspires unconcealed jubilation. Un peu partout, les "palestiniens" ont disposé des haut-parleurs géants à l'extérieur pour y faire entendre une musique joyeuse à tue-tête qui parvient jusque dans les villages juifs. Almost everywhere, the "Palestinian" had disposed of the giant speakers outside for them to hear lively music loudly that reaches into Jewish villages.

De même, un peu partout, des feux d'artifice sont observés depuis les habitations juives, en deuil national. Well, everywhere, fireworks have been observed since the Jewish homes in mourning. Les Arabes dit "palestiniens "exultent depuis que l'annonce de l'incendie le plus terrible de l'histoire d' Israël a été rendu publique. The Arabs called "Palestinian" rejoice since the announcement of the fire the worst in the history of Israel has been released.

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