November 30, 2010

America has 'Alice In Wonderland' attitude on terrorism: Wikileaks

Ooops, I meant Canada...srzly

WASHINGTON—Canadians have an “Alice In Wonderland” attitude toward global terrorism, the former head of Canada’s spy service told a U.S. counterpart in 2008, according to a secret American memo disclosed Monday.

Canadian Security Intelligence Service Director Jim Judd is also quoted as saying that Canadian courts have the security service “tied in knots,” hampering their ability to detect and prevent terror attacks inside Canada and beyond.

Judd further praised the Harper government for “taking it on the chin and pressing ahead” with possible adjustments to toughen Canada’s prosecutorial stand against terror suspects, the leaked diplomatic cable reports.

In other terrorism related news (US))Maybe FBI needs to find a real terrorist
Let's hope that one day, the FBI will get around to disrupting a homegrown terrorist network it didn't have a hand in creating.[oh noes..the entrapment card...ed]

Mohamed Osman Mohamud, a 19-year-old Somali-American arrested in Portland, Ore., for attempting to detonate what turned out to be a fake bomb during a Christmas celebration, is the latest terrorist wannabe to lower the median IQ for so-called American jihadists.

We should all be suspicious of terrorist sting operations where the FBI does most of the heavy lifting.

Certainly the above columnist hasn't been following 'lone wolf attacks' aka Anwar al-Awlaki's releases or another traitor, Adam Gadahn, calling for more lone wolf attacks in regards to Nidal Hasan terrorist attack at Ft Hood. Or Samir Khan's, albeit the latest release was ghey , Jihad Inspirations[Christmas tree lighting terrorist was part of-ghey workout for jihadis] & Inspire. Or watched terrorist propaganda videos readily available at JihadTube

I could go on and on.. When Obi One administration won't say Islamic/jihad/Muslim/terrorist in the same sentence, is it any wonder dhimmitude is alive and well?

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