November 30, 2010

Shin Bet Arrests 3 Suspected in September Hebron Attack

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מגן ולא יראה Defender that shall not be seen

A pregnant woman was injured in attack, luckily she delivered a healthy baby

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The Shin Bet (Israel Security Service) arrested three members of a terror cell responsible for carrying out a shooting attack near Hebron in September in which two Israelis were injured. The Shin Bet lifted a ban on publishing information on the arrests on Monday. The three were arrested last month.

The three suspects are part of the Abu Musa group, that broke away from Fatah in the 1980s. They told investigators that they were given $25,000 with which to buy weapons and they planned on carrying out more attacks.

May the devil do meetballs to the terrorist cornhole....Ameeen

Israeli man, pregnant woman injured in Route 60 shooting

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