November 29, 2010

Why Isn't Populism Popular?

This Claremont writer in the LA Times has a theory which pretty much nails it in the subhead:

Most working- and middle-class Americans simply don't care about economic inequality.
It's pretty damned simple.

Today's 'progressive' target is that evil, rich, well-to-do boss of yours who buys another Rolls Royce. Gotta take him down a few pegs, right? But if you even dare to better yourself and make more money, then tomorrow it's YOU.

People who aspire to better themselves economically don't intrinsically feel that they should be made a target or a sacrificial offering for "equality" crusaders simply because they have the audacity to want to increase their income.

And in their heart of hearts, people in this country know it - even many 'progressives.' The difference is that the 'progressives' try to deem it immoral to seek your own betterment financially if you happen not to be destitute at the outset. The rest of us see that economic ladder-climbing as our birthright and our reward for working as hard or as little as we choose - regardless of our current station or starting hand.

It's no mystery unless you're trying hard not to see it.

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