November 29, 2010

11/29/10 YouTube Hall of Shame: But for the Grace of God

Via Andrea:

"But for the Grace of God"-Don't you GET IT Google/YouTube?

How long will it be before dots are connected.....Mohammed Osman Mohaumud and Emad Hatem Abdullah got their jollies by watching YouTube terrorist videos? Maybe never, but Google/YouTube videos have certainly been influential with others. Nidal Malik Hasan comes to mind first.

I sent the above photo[Oregon, Christmas tree lighting...ed] without disclosing it's location to my siblings asking had any of them been there?
One sister with the innocence of days of yore replied - "A skirt of people. Would love to have been there."

A skirt of people - her beautiful reply just floored me.
Those are the people in Portland, Oregon that Mohammed Osman Mohaumud intended to kill as he hit the detonator yelling Allah Akbar!

How many of the people in the photograph have any thought today other than - But for the Grace of God........

The 'who's who' of all things Jihad Tube:
Mz JihadPrincezz Beotch removed the above background from her JihadTube channel, complaints?

~~♥Fatimah Bint Hashim♥~~[Jihad Princezz]
Channel Views:
December 03, 2009[Other accounts pwnd]
Living as a princess and dieing as a martyr
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Target Soldier by Jihad Princess

TheGreatAdolf (13 hours ago)
As-salam alaikum sister, how r u ? r u going to Yemen anytine in the near future?
fizzjuniorhafiz (6 hours ago)
asalam alaikum!Yup!Let the jihad begin!The Mujahideen are ready to sacrifice themselves for Allah Almighty!Lets move on sister altogether!!Allah u Akbar!!!

She changed her JihadTube message to: 'Let the Jihad Begin'

Daniel Greenfield Canada Free Press - "We have begun to learn what it is like to live with terror. But we have not learned all of it by far. Terror haunted Christmas tree lighting celebrations are the beginning, but not the end of it."

But for the Grace of God. Is that what you say every time the dots are NOT connected to you Google/YouTube?

Do you get it?!? Very possibly, but for the Grace of God those people are alive and well today, no thanks to you!

YouTube Hall of Shame - 11/29/10
YouTube Hall of Shame accumulated beginning 11/16/10

Does Google/YouTube get it? Does Google/YouTube ignore repeat jihadi offenders? Does Google/YouTube ignore jihadis 3 strikes? Does Google/YouTube suspend accounts of those who support Israel? Does Google/YouTube suspend accounts of those who expose Sharia? Does Google/YouTube allow terrorist/supporters in the Partner $$$$$ program?

Frankly, does Google/YouTube give a sh*t?

Flippin chimes in:
Why Flippin has gone the flippin/fackin offensive

Here is the problem folks. There are a group of muslims who are determined to make all religion for Allah.
They have flooded YouTube with thousands of usually very slick videos promoting and recruiting for their cause.

Despite having 33 BILLION, yes BILLION with a "B", CASH in their bank accounts, Google/YouTube expects the "community" to flag the videos, after which they may or may not do something about them.

After years of work on this, SmackDown Corps is still unable to determine YouTubes exact criteria. One week a video will get pulled... next week the same video won't get pulled...WTH?

Is it because there is advertising on some of these jihadi channels?
And who exactly is this "community" that is supposed to be flagging these video's. GLARINGLY absent in all this is the voice of "moderate" muslims. Why are they not up in arms with Google/YouTube for allowing these "misunderstanders/terrorists/criminals", or as they call themselves, "Islamic jihadi", to embarrass Islam by "misinterpreting" it so?

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