November 25, 2010

Lebanon: Radical Cleric Omar the Goat Humping Bakri Released On Bail


He won't skip bail now will he? Nah...the Hezbollah lawyer will make sure of that..../sarc

Beirut, Lebanon (CNN) -- A radical Islamic cleric facing a life sentence on charges of aiding an al Qaeda affiliate has been released on bail while his retrial continues, Lebanon's state news agency reported.

A military court convicted Omar Bakri Mohammed in absentia two weeks ago of charges including membership in an armed group, possession of weapons and explosives, and committing crimes against the state, Lebanon's National News Agency (NNA) reported at the time.

Bakri was arrested after a shootout two days later.

Bakri is having a retrial because he was convicted the first time in absentia. At the start of the retrial Wednesday, he denied the accusation and said he has no links to either an armed organization or to al Qaeda, the NNA reported.

Bakri was released Wednesday on a bail of 5,000,000 Lebanese pounds ($3,333), the army and news agency said.

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