November 24, 2010

Former U.S.-Based Islamic Charity Linked To Terrorism

Al Haramain Islamic Foundation, once based in the United States, has been linked to Islamic terrorism in Chechnya. Remember, it was Chechen Islamic terrorists who boasted responsibility for the brutal slaughter of over 300 school children in Beslan.

Ignatchenko testified that while he ran counterterrorism activities in Chechnya between 1997 and 2000, his agency found evidence tying Al-Haramain to Islamic fighters in Chechnya. It included pay vouchers taken from the computers of mujahedeen leaders, and a recording of a telephone conversation in which an unnamed Chechan told the head of Al-Haramain about an impending attack on Russian forces.

This is the type "charity" that Sharia compliant financing funds.

Another prominent Islamic charity, The Holy Land Foundation, was also found to have links to Islamic terrorism. Three other Islamic charities, Quranic Literacy Institute, the American Muslim Society, and the Islamic Association for Palestine, have been accused of providing aid to terrorist organizations.

Among the most common uses for Islamic charity (aka zakat) is proselyting for Islam, bribing new converts, and funding Jihad. Zakat can also be used for legitimate reasons, such as food donations to the poor, though the charitable organizations are not required to make distinctions.

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