November 23, 2010

Impeach Ahmadinejad

Possible symbolic move by the faux democratic proceedings of Parliament. Conservatives versus ultra-conservatives means more of the same crap.

The First Post

Although Khamenei warned parliament to back off, MPs are now circulating a petition which would entitle them to debate a motion unprecedented in the history of the Iranian republic: the impeachment of Ahmadinejad. His opponents reportedly have 40 of the 74 signatures they need.

The move by the Iranian parliament, itself dominated by conservatives, seems to be an escalation of a power struggle with the populist conservative Ahmadinejad and the even more conservative Guardian Council, which has the power of veto against any law passed by parliament.

On Saturday the Guardian Council recommended that Khamenei should rein in the parliament's powers - an intervention that seems only to have strengthened the MPs' resolve to bring down Ahmadinejad.

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