November 22, 2010

YouTube Hall of Shame 11-22-10 DREAM ON SUCKUH'S Google/YouTube Does NOT GAS (as in give a sh*t) (Update)

Monitors at YouTube ignore this channel and other channels promoting propaganda for this traitor/terrorist:

Update: The video was removed for violating YT TOS (anyone flag? please comment if you did..guest whatever), or did sunlight cause removal?

Yet to come, will YouTube suspended this users account? Didn't they say they were removing Awlaki videos?

Another one from same user:

Do not flag, it's not our job. Employees are paid big bucks to keep terrorist videos off of YouTube. Follow the $$$$$ & 3 strikes ignored is our campaign right now. Message me with any terrorist/supporters videos/channels you see with ads. Jawas contact list (Stable Hand) here.

Quotheraven coined a new JihadTube phrase:

11-22 DREAM ON SUCKUH'S - Google/YouTube Does Not GAS (as in give a sh*t))
No more Awlaki incitement/hate speech huh?

11-22-10 1_google_awlaki.jpg

11-22-10 2_awlaki_2.jpg
Follow.....the $$$$$$$$$ via theJAWAreport[isn't that right Hunter Walk, YouTube Product Manager?....ed]
Nov. 22 04.22_google_ads.jpg

YouTube Hall of Shame - 11/22/10
YouTube Hall of Shame accumulated beginning 11/16/10

Contact for here. The ad appeared on this Hamas/jihadi lover channel who is weirder since Jawa exposure.

BTW, good luck with GE...think MSNBC

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