November 21, 2010

ATTN: Israel Ministry of Tourism: YouTube Hall of Shame 11/21/10 Porn X-Nay Hamas OK


Hmmm, would appreciate their advertisements showing up on this Hamas supporter YouTube channel AND possibly making money from it along with Google? I think not.

Contact list for GoIsrael here. I am sure they will be most grateful to hear from you.

Also, there is another ad for How would this company feel the above terrorist supporter is possibly making money off of their ads as well as Google? Not good. Contact them here.

Be polite, I was.

Via Andrea

YouTube - purveyor of fine jihadi videos. One can't help but wonder where the battle for cyberspace against Muslim extremists would be today had they not had the support of YouTube.

11-21 Porno X-nay - Jihad OK (Unconscionable)

"Not guided or controlled by conscience."

YouTube Hall of Shame 11/21/10
YouTube Hall of Shame accumulated beginning 11/16/10
Hint: Follow the money, isn't that right Hunter Walk, YouTube Product Manager?

If one doesn't think a terrorist/terrorist supporter can make money off of ads then why the hell are these ads showing on these videos/channels? Watch YouTube partners video.


Do not flag these videos, it is not our job. Google/YouTube hired extra people to police terrorist videos as well as those they already have. Regular employees are getting large raises as well as rather large Christmas bonuses. It is their job. Our job right now is follow the $$$$$.

Thanks in advance for your help, terrorist/supporters shouldn't be on YouTube to begin with AND making $$$$ for their propaganda. Sheesh, that's crazy.

BTW, the jihadtuber above has become even stranger since Jawas exposure, if that is possible.


YouTube Hall of shame archives

Update: Oh my, Google Israel is in the follow the $$$$ picture

Empasis mine:

Israel will take part in a pilot program to encourage Israeli advertising agencies to allocate more resources to advertising on YouTube.

During the yearlong program, the Israeli agencies will receive reduced fees for advertising on YouTube and instruction in YouTube’s measurement and planning tools, the Israeli business daily Globes reported Wednesday. They also will benefit from joint research analyzing Internet user behavior as well as advice and support on marketing.

Google Israel is working to convince local advertising agencies to join the international program. YouTube is part of the Google company.

Beware the wolf in sheep's clothing...

Thanks to flippin.

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