November 21, 2010

Jawa Report Exclusive: AQAP/Samir Khan Just Released Inspire 3 "Operation Hemorrhage" (Update-Sticky-Bumped x 2)-

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Will update when we review it.

Update: Apparently the Yemeni branch of alQaeda (AQAP) is bragging about the parcel bomb plot only costing them $4,200. The issue details entirely with the explosives. Images, etc.

We dedicate the issue to cover exclusive material of Operation Hemorrhage. We reveal for the first time the details of the operation and to correct the erroneous information that has been spreading throughout the airwaves
"Erroneous"? Like your total failure?

Inspire 3 operation hemorrhage.jpg

Update III: They claim again they blew up a UPS cargo plane Sept 3rd after it's takeoff from Dubai airport:

Inspire 3 operation hem_2.jpg

Traitor Samir Khan likes pegboard images. CNN screen caps, the news of choice?

Inspire 3 _3.png

Update IV: They give a list of Muslim prisoners such as "Sister Colleen LaRose". Guess they don't like the name "Jihad Jane". Also a ad for 'help wanted' with email addys to send their 'applications' to. Didn't they do that last time? You would think with the economy the way it is.....

Inspire was very uninspired.

Oh forgot, it's all about Palestine. "America interests will remain our target" "Palestine will be in the center of the issue" and the next one is a kicker "The mujahideen will not submit to the west" Sammy you stole 'we will not submit" from us. Dude, that was really stupid to use that.

Sammy's Inspire II:
Inspire: The Movie!
Samir Khan's 1k Words and the Recent Mail Bombs Sent to Chicago Synagogues
North Carolina Muslim Admits Working with al Qaeda: "Proud to be an American Traitor" [Full text] [UPDATED 10/12/2010]

Update: If you need a copy, email Howie. See contacts page.

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