November 19, 2010

Report : Six man cell?

This report in the Irish Times hints at what caused the German's to raise their terror alert level to its highest.

“What we are basically preparing ourselves for is that terrorists will come from abroad,” he said, “and commit an attack soon after arrival, without warning, in a building or public place, knowing that they may not survive.”

According to media reports, the threat involves a cell made up of four named Islamists from India and Pakistan and two men with joint German-Syrian citizenship.

At a meeting in Hamburg yesterday, German state interior ministers said they were unsettled by the terrorism warnings as they face into the busy pre-Christmas shopping season.

“We know that these warnings are for attacks that won’t take place in the Black Forest or the Baltic Sea but major German cities,” said Eckhard Körting, interior minister in the Berlin state government.

Another minister at the meeting told state radio that the warnings covered Berlin, Hamburg and Munich as well as the Ruhr region.

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