November 19, 2010

ATTN Google: YouTube Hall of Shame 11/19/10 - Follow the $$$$$$ (Updated x 2))


Googles Adsense Suspends Another Conservative Website:
1) Sites point on the pro Jihad videos on YouTube
2) YouTube is owned by Google
3) Google owns Adsence
4) Adsense ends the accounts of those sites who were involved in step 1
I'm just saying... there is more than a causal relationship there
YouTube Hall of Shame - 11/19/10
YouTube Hall of Shame accumulated beginning 11/16/10
For the record, Jawas Adsense was reinstated after Howies 2nd appeal yesterday [updated]...Ain't sunlight grand?

For my follow the $$$$$$ entry:
Update: (YTB 08/20/10) Explaining $$$$$$$$$$$$$ ads on YouTube - app 1:45:

"Some of our more popular partners have even made YouTube their career"

Image credits teh evil Canuck
Would a Canadian travel agency appreciate their travel advertisements on asd15599's channel with OBL as his background image let alone the terrorist propaganda spewed there?

Rather sick Google is using this company for $$$$$$$$$$$$, a company with some ad's showing flights to Canada. OBL was responsible for mass murder on 9/11.

Contact list for Canada's Jasper travel agency. Be polite, they are unaware and imagine would very much appreciate a heads up.


jihadtube_ads_premium pearl.jpg

Would a San Francisco company, Premium Pearl, like their advertisements appearing on a jihadis channel? I know SF is a oxymoron but there are some sane people there.

Contact list for Premium Pearl. Again, be polite, they are unaware.

Thanks in advance, ohh, don't flag the shame list above - see read me for why.

Update II: Well I'll be snookered, the above terrorist supporter closed his account:


Company pressure? Sunlight? Dunno, but whatever thanks to all who helped especially teh evil Canuck flippin for the screencaps/links.

Some terrorist group/supporter has lost some income they should not have been making in the first place with their terrorist propaganda videos.


Good News!! Canadian 'Home Hardware' Company Advertising On Terrorist Supporter blackgorrilla415's YouTube Channel

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