November 19, 2010

TSA Pats Down Distressed 3-Year-Old

Because 3-year-old little girls are notorious for sneaking explosives onto airliners...

I wasn't going to post this, but since "Guest" enjoys them so much... ;)

I'd like to point out that many TSA agents - probably a very large majority - are good, hardworking people who are doing a sometimes unpleasant job. That, however, does not excuse these numerous instances of abuse of authority and politically correct ignorance. The accused TSA agents may be simply doing what they feel is their job, but at what point do they draw the line and say, "This isn't right"?

We've had enough "enhanced pat downs" of 3-year-old children. We've had enough of the rough searches, the unnecessary humiliation, and the abject molestation that in any other walk of life would be criminal.

TSA, its time to deal with this issue.

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