November 19, 2010

Yemeni Mens' Volleyball Team Distracted By Hot Chearleader's Sexuality

Hot Chicom sexuality distracts Yemeni mens' team during match against Indonesia.

Bikini-clad cheerleaders have been blamed by the Yemen beach volleyball team for their defeat during the Asian Games.

Yemen beach volleyballer Adeeb Mahfoudh has now accused the squads of being distracting, and partly to blame for their defeat to Indonesia.
"They had an effect on how we played," he said. "I think they had something to do with our losing the match.

But the coach apparently very much enjoyed the game as he says
These girls are very beautiful. With them here, more people will pay attention to beach volleyball," Mr Mahfoudh added.
"If I can, I hope to watch them perform at the next match.
Well I think the Yemeni's can figure out just why the Indonesians were not so distracted

For research purposes I googled Hot Yemeni....

Example Hot Yemeni

vs. Hot Indonesian....

Example Hot Indonesian.

Er, I think that demonstrates for sure why they Yemeni men are so distracted. So to assist in their training I've added some distracting images at the Moisture Farm to help desensitize them. But you Yemeni girls need to pick it up if there is any hope of improvement.

click this distracting image for more distracting images

What did you want anyway?

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