November 17, 2010

Stop the Presses!! YouTube Blog: Great Scott! Over 35 Hours of Video Uploaded Every Minute to YouTube (Updated-Huffington Post Connection-Bumped)

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Go JihadTube!!Eleventy11!!. I tried to comment on the post but wasn't approved. All I asked is why they have a filter for porn but not terrorist propaganda. Also asked do company's like Canadian "Home Hardware" realize their advertisements on this JihadTube channel helps support terrorist propaganda.....and YouTube. I linked to our JihadTube archives even!! Maybe that's what did it, our JihadTube archives...dunno. YouTube staff, if you are reading this...I have screencaps of my comment...just sayin.

There also is a piece at The Telegraph - AllahTube...sorry JihadTube...sorry, YouTube is employing extra staff to tackle al-Qaeda hate videos. Wow, they also added a flag 'promotes terrorism' to aid in tackling terrorist groups on AllahTube...sorry JihadTube...sorry, YouTube.

Is this video from Ansar al Sunnah still there? As of this writing it still is there.>>>>[Update: It is fecking gone that what it takes YouTube? To expose you? I for one don't like this game]<<<<<<<<See Howie's update...3rd strike on him but still has account. I had 3 strikes and my account was suspended.

People, this is window dressing and we ain't gonna buy it.

To get to the point of all of this, Andrea has launched OPERATION (YOUTUBE
She will be linking to YouTube hall of shame videos. She requests we NOT flag the videos.

Wow! Let's see if I have this right. They have computers capable of uploading 35 HOURS of videos PER MINUTE but their "algorithm-driven detection" software (big words spelling FAIL! YouTube!)is not capable by itself of finding terrorist videos. Hell yeah! Let a human do a computer's job!

I ask you, is there something wrong with this picture?

YouTube Hall of Shame - 11/17/10
YouTube Hall of Shame accumulated beginning 11/16/10

Andrea states: "we are out of the flagging business and into the exposure/failure of G/YT business". Anyone who wants her to feature a Hall of Shame let her know

Let the games begin....prove us wrong YouTube.

That is all.

Update by Howie: No, that's not quite all. The user who uploaded this video;

Has had three videos removed for Youtube TOS violations this week. That one above made the 3rd. He started the week with 5. Now he has 2.

5 - 2 = 3.

Youtube's TOS is a three strikes policy. A policy they hold Jawa's Youtube accounts to religiously.

Yet here is a repeat terrorist user on Jihadtube with three strikes in a week. Who is a big fan of....

Abu Musab al-Zarqawi

...and the user remains?

WTF Jihadtube?

Now, I think that is all, for now.

Update III by SH: Not quite all..Well I be damned, the person who posted the YouTube blog article above is no other than Hunter Walk from the Huffington Post

Hunter leads consumer product management at YouTube, delivering 1+ billion playbacks a day to the world's largest video community. Since joining Google in 2003, he has also lead the development of Google Video's Syndication & Distribution and managed product and sales efforts for AdSense like Google's contextual advertising business.[Advertising business? the money maker eh Hunter? Making money off of terrorist propaganda videos? Tell me more..please...ed]

Prior to this, as a founding member of the product and marketing team at Linden Lab, Hunter helped build the noted virtual world Second Life. Earlier, he was a management consultant and also spent a year at Late Night with Conan O'Brien, broadcasting to an audience of insomniacs, truckers and college students. Hunter has a BA in History from Vassar and an MBA from Stanford University.

It figures doesn't it?

Thanks to Mean Kitty and for this I out this commenter, meet Sparta:

Updated again by Howie: Wow Google Adsense suspended Jawa Report for running a graphic image in a news context.


The image was of a severed hand. It showed the truth of what happens when al-Shabaab implements Sharia on someone.

Adsense suspended Jawa Report and denied our appeal.

I feel we were suspended more for political reasons than our actual coverage. And yeah it cost Jawa Report more than a few crazy blog dollars.

And now we find out that the person on charge of denying our appeal is......effing Hunter. Well no effing wonder.

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