November 17, 2010

Let's Hope They Don't Team Up To Make Some Mega-Hater Conglomerate

Hat Tip to BareNakedIslam.

In this corner, the church whose god hates everyone, the Westboro Baptist:

WEst Boro Baptist Church 1.jpg

And their opponent, with a god that hates gays, infidels, women, and rainbow-coloured protest signs, the Islamic Center in Dearborn, Michigan:

American Hezbollah 1.jpg

(Thanks to Hyscience for image)

Its a showdown you will NOT want to miss! Coming November 18th at 8:00AM Dearborn time!

Also - don't miss the bonus round later in the day when Westboro Baptist takes on "the worthless brats who attend East Lansing High School." Why they are protesting children I have no idea, but I'm confident that if the Muslims don't wipe them out, these high school kids will.

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