November 15, 2010

Recommended Reading: Understanding Muhammad

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Muhammad's conduct is the standard for all Muslims to follow. Many "moderate" Muslims claim Islamic terrorists are behaving contrary to Muhammad's teachings. But are they really?

Why do so many Muslims behave violently? Why do so many Western Muslims living free complain about 'oppression' yet ignore the real oppression of non-Muslims living in Islamic countries? Why are almost all modern-day terrorists Muslims? Why are women living under Islam the most abused and oppressed? Why does slavery still exist in Islamic nations? Why do radical Muslims feel justified in killing innocent, unarmed civilians? And why is the "moderate" majority of Muslims so silent on these things?

All the answers can be found in Ali Sina's book, Understanding Muhammad: A Psychobiography of Allah's Prophet. In order to truly understand today's radical Muslims, one must first understand their perfect example.


Millions of Muslims riot, protest, and kill completely innocent people anytime, anywhere, when someone says something about Muhammad. This kind of behavior is not rational. Yet the perpetrators are completely sane people. How can we explain this paradox?

To understand this we must understand that Muslims are expected to be like, and to think like, their prophet. As such, their attitudes, beliefs, thoughts and actions come to reflect his personality and mind. Since Muhammad is the model for all that is righteous in Islam, it is expected that they emulate him in every way, to do what he did and to think the way he thought. The result of this is that Muslims, as a whole, by virtue of taking on the life of Muhammad, leave behind their own, forsaking their humanity and to a large degree, their individuality. As they come to inhabit the narcissistic bubble universe of their prophet, and to the extent that they follow his examples, they become extensions of Muhammad. They share his character, his attitude and his mindset. You could say each Muslim is a mini Muhammad of a sort. Therefore, to understand Muslims, individually as well as collectively, we must first come to know and understand Muhammad.

This is followed by a brief summary of Muhammad's childhood and early years, and then the book begins to detail Muhammad's brutal exploits - From raids to rape, from enslavement to child abuse, from torture to mass slaughters. Nearly every page of the book contains footnotes with Islamic sources, so one can independently verify Sina's claims.

This book is a must-read for anyone interested in learning more about the founder of the world's most intolerant religion.

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