November 15, 2010

How Cell Phone Spam Incites Young Muslim Cabbie to be Stupid

Interesting tidbit here at AOL:

Mohammad Samir, a young Muslim taxi driver, is on the other side of the chasm. He struggles to explain what he understands of Christians: "I saw a video on a cell phone -- a woman converted to Islam and a group of men beat her, smashed her head with a stone. That doesn't happen to Muslim men who convert to Christianity. ... It's an ugly and scary thing when a Muslim person is killed. I can't explain how I feel. Why do they do this? I don't know."
I don't know either. First of all it is not Christians stoning the woman in the video.
On or around April 7, 2007... Du'a Khalil Aswad, a 17 year old Kurdish girl was murdered by public stoning after running away from home for a so-called honour crime. Du'a was a member of Iraqs Yezidi religious minority from the village of Bahzan in northern Iraq. She was killed by a group of men and in the presence of a large noisy crowd in the town of Bashika, near the city of Mosul. Some of her relatives may have participated in her stoning.
The Yezidi sect is explained here.

Also note the girl in the video is indeed a Suni Muslim but Muslim persecution of Yezidis is also common

As a demiurge figure, Taws Melek is often identified by orthodox Muslims as a Shaitan (Satan), a Muslim term denoting a devil or demon who deceives true believers. The Islamic tradition regarding the fall of "Shaitan" from Grace is in fact very similar to the Yazidi story of Malek Taus - that is, the Jinn who refused to submit to Adam is celebrated as Taws Melek by Yazidis, but the Islamic version of the same story curses the same Jinn who refused to submit as becoming Satan.[19] Thus, the Yazidi have been accused of devil worship. Because of this and due to their pre-Islamic beliefs, they have been oppressed by their Muslim neighbors. Treatment of Yazidis was exceptionally harsh during the rule of the Ottoman Empire during the 18th and the first half of 19th century and their numbers dwindled under Ottoman rule both in Syria and Iraq. Massacres at the hand of Ottoman Turks and Muslim Kurdish princes almost wiped out their community in the 19th century.

Several punitive expeditions were organized against the Yazidis by the Turkish governors (Wāli) of Diyarbakir, Mosul and Baghdad. These operations were legitimized by fatāwa from Islamic clerics. The objective of these persecutions was the forced conversion of Yazidis to the Sunni Hanafi Islam of the Turkish Ottoman Empire.

Recent controversies

In 2007, a group of around 200 Yazidis beat and stoned a 17-year-old Yazidi girl named Dua Khalil Aswad for falling in love with a Muslim boy. On April 23, 2007 masked gunmen abducted and shot 23 Yazidis near Mosul; this was speculated to be a reprisal attack for Aswad's death.

On August 14, 2007 Yazidis were targeted in a series of bombings that became the deadliest suicide attack since the Iraq War began.

On August 13, 2009, at least 20 people were killed and 30 wounded in a double suicide bombing in northern Iraq, an Iraqi Interior Ministry official said. Two suicide bombers with explosive vests carried out the attack at a cafe in Sinjar, a town west of Mosul. In Sinjar, many townspeople are members of the Yazidi minority.

But see how the Islamic prejudice against Coptic Christians has now been twisted in order to justify and incite Muslim intolerance against Copts and Christians in general in Egypt. This young ignorant cab driver is the raw material that al-Qaeda uses to create shaheeds in suicide car bombings. These folks remain ignorant tools of educated Muslims like Ayman al-Zawahiri, who turned all his Akhi into the Egyptians after Anwar Sadat's murder.

Now he incites young fools to murder from the safety of his cave in Pakistan.

Hat Tip: Dmartyr.

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