November 15, 2010

Sandcrawler PSA: Hold Still or Your Groin May be Blurred

Also do not look at the hot chick's behind while in line or it may subject you to special attention.

“Your groin was blurred,” he explained.

We went into a little room, where he put on blue gloves and explained that he was going to touch me in various private places. He was very specific not only about the places, but also about when he would be using the front of his hand, and when he would be using the back of his hand. (I honestly don’t think it’s any less creepy either way, but I did not say this, for fear of being viewed as an international terrorist.)

Wow I didn't even know Rusty worked for TSA. That's the same "boarding procedure" he asks us to follow to get on the Sandcrawler. Just to be sure we're all safe he said.

OMG its a Khinspiracy!

Oh no! Don't tell me you fell for the blurred groin scam?

They tried to catch me with it but I explained that the batteries in my cloaking device were beginning to run down.

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