November 14, 2010

WMATA Police Seek to Identify Two Suspicious Metro Riders

Say cheese!

Perverts, reverts, born into ROPMA, or sightseers?


-According to an internal memo received by Federal employees Tuesday afternoon if you saw either of these two men (pictured left), Metro Transit Police want to know about it. The memo advises Washington area workers who ride Metro to be on the lookout for these two men seen videotaping Metro stations and operations last week. Witnesses reported the men were attempting to conceal their activities as they taped inside the L'Enfant Plaza Metro station and later while filming passengers on board an Orange line train bound for Vienna, Virginia.

Eyewitnesses described how the pair held their cellphones at their sides, waists, and chests in an effort to keep from raising suspicion. These two greatly underestimated the observation skills and street smarts of workers in our nation's capitol city! Vigilant riders took quick notice of the suspicious activities and reported their concerns to Metro PD beginning last Monday. The sightings continued through Friday while the men videotaped various aspects of boarding.

WUSA9 video of the two men below fold:

"They may not have known they can video tape freely." Sure they didn't, that explains it...riiiight.

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