November 10, 2010

Exclusive: British Arrest Revolution Muslim Member Bilal Ahmad **Sticky**


Revolution Muslim, the gift that keeps on giving:


A 23-year-old man has been arrested on suspicion of encouraging an act of terrorism in connection with a website listing MPs who voted for the Iraq war.

West Midlands Police said they arrested the man, from Dunstall, Wolverhampton, at about 0930 GMT on Wednesday.

After searching his home, officers seized computer and electronic equipment for examination.



Update: Jawa Report can tell you that the arrested man's name is actually Bilal Ahmad. Or at least that's how he spelled it online, before he tried to disappear himself after posting his threat against the British MP's. It was fun to watch him try though. He's a very well known online terror supporter. He originates from the Islam4UK site in Birmingham.

UPDATE by Rusty: Very very very related image added to the top of the post. From an online Birmingham paper:

The post hailed the student who tried to kill Labour's Stephen Timms as a "heroine" and encouraged others to follow her example.
PS: Also -- Allah's will WIN!!


I'd put up an image of his post over at Revolution Muslim which actually listed the MPs he wanted killed, but the website has been down since it hit the news. I expect that this time it will be permanent. If any one grabbed a screenshot before the site went down, let me know.

UPDATE: On cue, Stable Hand pulls the rabbit out of the hat. The entire image is way too big to post, but here's a taste:


The post then goes on to list the names of all the Members of Parliament who voted for the war. All of them. It proceeds with dozens and dozens of quotes from hadiths on the obligation to kill the enemies of Allah.

Then this praising of the woman who attacked the MP followed by the exhortation for Muslims to follow her example by "raising the knife of jihad against those who voted" for the Iraq War.


Bilal ends by telling readers the times they can find a certain MP at a popular British drug store. I'd say this was a pretty cut and dried case.

It's also a reminder that Brother Younes should be watching his back.

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