November 10, 2010

Iran For UN Women Presidency!1!

Oh come on, give 'em a chance. I'm sure the Iranian delegation will whip that executive board into shape. Iranian diplomats are just a stones throw away from the meeting room and are usually hanging around in the hallway, anyway.


If Iran joins the inaugural executive board of UN Women, it will make a mockery of the agency, and obstruct its work.

Of course, this isn't the first time a country known as one of the worst violators of human rights has been nominated to a UN body dedicated to those very same rights. Cuba and Saudi Arabia have both served as members of the UN Human Rights Council.

Since regional groups put forward slates of candidates privately, it is difficult to mount a public campaign to derail controversial choices. Iran is one of 11 countries nominated for 10 Asian slots on the 41-member board.

Sorry about the comments above. It really isn't funny. Maybe a little funny but a lot sad.

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