November 04, 2010

Radical Muslimah Roshanara Choudhry: YouTube Made Me Do It

No, YouTube didn't make you stab MP Stephen Timms . What they did do is place terrorist propaganda under "free speech" and continue to do so. For example, I did a YouTube search for Anwar al-Awlaki, who YouTube claims are removing his videos, and was given several choices so I chose anwar al awlaki 2010:

YouTube - anwar al awlaki 201_2.jpg

Note, the top one "featured videos":
YouTube - anwar al awlaki 2010.png

Miss Choudhry, a talented student, was jailed for life on Wednesday following the attack, which occurred at Mr Timms's constituency surgery in Beckton, east London in May.

In interviews with officers, she disclosed how YouTube had pointed her to incendiary clips of al-Qaeda terrorist Anwar al-Awlaki, with whom she soon became obsessed.

Choudhry said she had been viewing "interesting" life stories of YouTube users describing how they became Muslim when al-Awlaki's sermons appeared as related content on the site.

As the impressionable 21-year-old watched she became "surprised at how little I knew about my religion" and "motivated to learn more".

After watching hundreds of hours of extremist propaganda online in just six months, she decided to kill in revenge for Britain's involvement in the Iraq war.

Her comments to officers, reported by The Guardian, lay bare just how quickly and easily the young woman, who did not attend a mosque, had become radicalised after the discovering videos of extremist preachers.

Hell, there are so many JihadTubers that Jawa needed it's own category for them

As BigPeace said: "Shame on you YouTube, shame on you"

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