November 01, 2010

We Get Press! Jawa Cited by al Qaeda's Russian Affiliate

I'm not a Jew, but I'm honored to be called a Zionist by the likes of the Kavkaz Center, the notorious propaganda arm of the "Islamic Emirate of the Caucuses". You know, the same people who brought you the Beslan massacre.

It's laughable that the group would cite "free speech" as their justification for publishing their objectively pro-terrorism website. Even more deplorable are the "human rights activists" who are defending the mass murderers and Islamofascists.

If the Kavkaz Center wants to call the Russian Secret police (FSB) "fascists", I take no issue with that. It's a lot like Hitler calling Stalin a mass-murderer. It's "factual" but it also misses the point.

Googlish translation here.

Update by SH: What, didn't they like the hot babe with guns pic? Oh, thats right... Frankie Martin of WaPo said Jawa Report "features numerous photos of what its editors call "hot babes" because they are seen as offending the sensibilities of Muslims". I guess I am guilty as charged: I offended al-Qaeda's mouthpiece - KavKaz Center.

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