October 27, 2010

Name: Shehadeh, Abdel Hameed (Bumped/Updated: Revolution Muslim Connection)

Status: In custody. Soon to be transported from Hawaii to Brooklyn.

Funny how CNN wants us to think he's Hawaiian

Hawaii man arrested on terrorism-related charge

WaPo has a more accurate headline

Ex-NYer accused of failed effort to join Taliban

but the CNN story has more details, such as

The complaint also alleges that Shehadeh "was the creator and administrator of multiple websites which advocated violent jihad against the west."

One of the sites contained photos of jihadist fighters, a speech by an al Qaeda leader, an audio recording of Yemeni-American cleric and militant Anwar al-Awlaki reciting a book on jihad, the complaint says.

To promote one of the sites, according to the complaint, Shehadeh posted on another site: "It is time for the Muslims to start practicing our freedom of speech...My brothers of revolution Islam, I am with you as long as you keep struggling. Trust me there are many brothers and sisters in America that are ready to speak up. They just need a push."

He flew to Pakistan but was denied entry. He flew to Jordan, but was denied entry. He flew to Hawaii, and no one in New York City complained, because it meant they could follow him there :-) From Hawaii he tried to fly to Somalia, but sadly was told he was on the No Fly list. Currently being held on a single count of lying to Federal agents, but not to worry - there are sure to be more charges in his near future. And to top it all off, he gets to spend the winter in New York. Aloha Mr. Shehadeh!

UPDATE by Rusty: Hi folks, sorry about my absence over the weekend. Let me make it up to you by pointing out this key nugget from the complaint:

On or about June 25, 2008, a member of NYPD's CIU visited the website www.revolutionmuslim.com, and observed that SHEHADEH, using the alias Abul-Qasim, posted a note introducing www.civiljihad.com to the "Revolution Muslim" online community.
How many known associates of Revolution Muslim are now sitting in jail?

Thanks Joey!

Revolution Muslim: the gift that keeps on giving.

UPDATE by Hetz Shahor:In answer to Rusty's question...

Mr. & Mrs. Zach Chesser
Mr. & Mrs. Paul Rockwood
Mr. & Mr. Mohamed Alessa
Mustafa Naushad & two good friends
Mr. Shehadeh

In hiding
Jesse Morton

Target of Grand Jury investigation in Charlotte, NC
Samir Khan, any/all of the above-mentioned, and any number of other individuals to be named later.

Of the 10 arrested, the Chessers and the Rockwoods are now subject to plea agreements requiring future cooperation, and the Alessas are close to entering their own guilty pleas. Safe to assume that future cooperation will translate into additional arrests. Naushad and friends pray they know something of interest about someone of interest, because the bank robbery with display of firearms and assault of tellers brings with it a lengthy prison sentence. My reading of the initial complaint against Shehadeh suggests that he is looking at multiple charges of material support for terrorism, so he too is hoping he knows something the Feds care about. Last one to cut a deal loses, and time is running out. That Shehadeh is in the sights of the US Attorney in Brooklyn makes a guilty plea and future cooperation quite likely - those folks have a reputation for not taking "no" for an answer.

Updated by Howie: Here's his pic from Myspace I think, credit NY Post.


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