October 22, 2010

From Blogger to Terrorist: Documenting Zach Chesser's Online Jihad Activities

How does one go from online jihad supporter to picking up an AK-47? This post doesn't document all of Zachary Chesser's online activities, but it doesn include many of those internet activities found in the federal indictment against him. For more information on Zach, scroll through the links at the end of this post.

Since there are thousands of jihad supporters online and most of them will never actually cowboy up and become terrorists themselves, what is the missing link? Friends.

Zachary Chesser protests in front of the White House with his friend Jesse "Younes Abdullah" Morton from RevolutionMuslim.com

Here's the info from the Statement of Facts. One thing that comes out in the document is that Chesser's arrest was very much linked to the South Park threats he made. I've seen several news reports that say something contrary to this, but a whole section of the indictment is about how he threatened Trey Parker, Matt Stone, and one more person:

7. In or about December 2009, the defendant, ZACHARY ADAM CHESSER, also known as Abu Talhah al-Amrikee and Abuu Talxah al-Amrikii (hereinafter, "CHESSER"), began to operate his own blog, titled "themujahidblog.com," describing it as "dedicated to those who give their blood for [Islam]." CHESSER described the purpose of the blog as "primarily devoted to spreading knowledge regarding Jihad and the Mujahideen."

8. RevolutionMuslim.com is a website which contained Islamic postings and information supportive of violent jihad. CHESSER was an administrator of that website, and, as such, made postings to the site, responded to inquiries from other users, and reviewed and permitted postings on the site from others between February 2010 and April 2010.

9. "Ansar Al Jihad Network" is a website which contained Islamic postings and information. CHESSER posted numerous articles and comments on this website concerning violent jihad.

10. "Al Fallujah Islamic Forums," also known "Al-Faloja," is a website which contained Islamic postings and information. CHESSER posted on that website numerous articles, comments, and other material concerning violent jihad.

11. "AlQimmah" is a website that was the official web forum for al-Shabaab, and which contained Islamic postings and information. The "AlQimmah" website contains a "Home Page" that displays a symbol in the upper left corner of the screen, and the "Black Banner" commonly associated with the Mujahideen in the upper right corner. The home page includes information that is written in Somali, but contains a link to the website's "English Section." CHESSER posted on the AlQimmah website numerous articles, comments, and other material concerning violent jihad.

12. On or about Mayl3,2009, CHESSER established a youtube.com website known as "AlQuranWaAlaHadeeth."

13. On or about December 14, 2009, CHESSER produced and uploaded to his AlQuranWaAlaHadeeth youtube.com website a video titled "Lion or Mouse," which depicted various Islamic references which were supportive of violent jihad.

14. On or about January 9,2010, CHESSER posted a message to his themujahidblog.com website, titled "How to Help the Mujahideen," which concluded, "[a]nd perhaps most importantly, we have to actually go and fight against the disbelievers."

15. Between approximately January 20,2010 and January 22, 2010, CHESSER uploaded to his AlQuranWaAlaHadeeth youtube.com website a recording of a lecture made by Anwar Al-Awlaki espousing participation in violent jihad.

16. On or about February 12,2010, CHESSER established a youtube.com website
known as "AQWAHProductions."

17. On or about February 2,2010, CHESSER posted a video on his AlQuranWaAlaHadeeth Youtube.com website, of an attack by an improvised explosive device ("IED") on a military vehicle. The video showed a closeup shot of an individual mixing an explosive and a closeup shot of an IED being buried in the ground. The video then cut to a long-range shot of a winding mountain road. The camera focused on a spot in the road as two military vehicles approached. When the first vehicle reached the spot, an IED detonated. The detonation of the IED was replayed in the video several times.

18. On or about February 9, 2010, CHESSER posted a total of six videos, titled "The Mujahideen are Calling You," onto his AlQuranWaAlaHadeeth Youtube.com website. Those videos documented scenes from Afghanistan, and included footage showing United States Army helicopters in flight.

19. On or about March 7, 2010, CHESSER posted on his themujahidblog.com website an article titled "Open Source Jihad," which discussed a strategy mujahideen could use to elude capture and death while maintaining relevance and striking capability.

20. On or about June 8, 2010, CHESSER posted on the Al Fallujah Islamic Forums website a link to a video made by CHESSER which featured images of mujahideen in Somalia and a song sung by CHESSER, titled "America Tuta Fika," translated into English as "America, We Are Coming."

21. On or about June 17,2010, CHESSER posted an article titled "Counter Counter Terrorism # 12 - Actually Leaving for Jihad" on the Ansar Al Jihad Network website, in which he stated that the "number one most important thing in countering the efforts of the kuffar is for you to leave for jihaad in the Path of Allah." The article included information concerning traveling to participate in violent jihad, including raising money, obtaining travel documents, selecting a destination, purchasing airline tickets, and "keeping a low profile."

22. On or about an unknown date, but some time before June 24,2010, CHESSER drafted a one-page document titled "How to Destroy the West," which listed a number of points concerning violent jihad methods, including "attacks" on "personelle" [sic], "put[ting] out a message to the Muslims to go buy guns and kill soldiers," and "[filling] a tanker with explosives and Ricin."

23. On or about June 30, 2010, CHESSER posted to his AQWAH Productions
youtube.com website
a four part video titled "al-Shabaab-Preparation for the Battle-No Peace Without Islam," which depicted multiple training scenarios involving mujahideen in Somalia engaged in, among other activities, firearms exercises, physical fitness routines, and the creation of improvised explosive devices.

I'm going to skip the details of his online activities threatening South Park -- it's pretty lengthy, and I'm still having trouble copying and pasting from PDFs -- but here's the takeaway.
22. In light of the recent history of attacks and attempted attacks against individuals alleged to have defamed or insulted Islam or its prophet, the postings on the internet by
CHESSER objectively constituted messages to an audience that likely included individuals around the world who - -

A. Were inclined to engage in violent jihad against what they believed to be the enemies of Islam;

B. Understood the messages to constitute requests to attack MS [Matt Stone], TP [Trey Parker], and JG [Everybody Draw Mohammad Day Facebook participant in Florida]; and

C. Could potentially be willing and capable to attack MS,- TP, and JG in response
to those messages.

The Thanks to Ace Tomato.

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