October 18, 2010

File This Under "You Can't Make This S**t Up!"

Somewhere in Bizarro-world, Muslims ask for protection against Geert Wilders.

From Expatica, via Jihad Watch:

Muslims told judges trying anti-Islam MP Geert Wilders for hate speech Monday that he was dangerous, dividing a multicultural society that used to cohabit peacefully.

"Mr Wilders is a dangerous ideologist who has divided Dutch society," Naoual Abaida, a trainee lawyer with a native Dutch mother and Moroccan father, told the court.

"I am asking you to protect me as a Muslim and a Moroccan against Mr Wilders," she said, referring to his "Islam-bashing" and "insulting, polarising language"....

It was peaceful because Dutch Infidels knew their place; they knew not to upset or provoke their Muslim neighbors with things like editorial cartoons or exposing the truth about Muhammad and his demented religion.

Then came Wilders...

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