October 16, 2010

Oh My: Krystal Ball, HuffPo Cry 'Sexism!'

Krystal Ball, seriously, she was named that?


By now I’m sure everyone is familiar with Democratic congressional candidate Krystal Ball’s reindeer games (NSFW photos here)[I wasn't...ed,]. Now Ball has a missive up at the Huffington Post comparing herself to Hillary Clinton and bastardizing history on why Bill Clinton was impeached in the first place.

(Hint: it wasn’t because he was serviced by a Gap fan in the Oval Office. Lying under oath in a sexual harassment case is illegal.)

Politics is a nasty game. I knew that coming in. I thought I could take it.
Krystal made the unfortunate choice of referring to the dildo-nosed reindeer affair as a "gag." She means it was a joke.

The left is having more of a tantrum in pushing this issue than the right. They used this tactic successfully to knock the path clear for then-Senator Barack Obama. For a party that loves to preach about Uncle Sam not turning the bedroom into a federalized threesome, progs love gossiping about the sex lives of married people. Honestly, who CARES what you did at a Halloween party with your husband years ago? So what, the photos made it to the press, if I were working Ball’s campaign I’d release the photos, Demotivational-style and titled them: “KEEPING THE LOVE ALIVE.”

This isn’t politics. This is Ball embarrassed and freaked-out and trying to boost her campaign by crying wolf. She could have easily said: “So what? My husband and I had some racy photos on Facebook. And? We were married at the time and I was pretty young. What does this have to do with the issues?”

If Ball had competent handlers in her corner, it wouldn’t be an issue. Instead, she presupposes she’s receiving blowback from her racy photos because she’s a woman. Corporate media couldn’t utter a word about Scott Brown without also the jab of his nude photos in Cosmo when he was young, so the reaction that Ball is facing is neither unprecedented or shocking[More...]


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