October 14, 2010

Five Years Too Late: One Third of Domestic Terrorist Cases Linked to Revolution Muslim

Had someone been paying attention five years ago, we wouldn't be having this little conversation ....

Another in this week's NPR series about Americans involved in terrorism, this one an interview with Revolution Muslim founder Yousef al Khattab:

TEMPLE-RASTON: It sounds innocent enough, but a list of Revolution Muslim's members reads like a who's who of American homegrown terrorism suspects. One has been arrested for wanting to launch an attack on the Long Island Railroad for al-Qaida; others were intercepted getting on flights to join a terrorist group in Somalia. The editor of an online magazine for al-Qaida's arm in Yemen was a regular in the Revolution Muslim chat rooms. And Jihad Jane, the Philadelphia woman arrested last year, was a Revolution Muslim devotee too.

Of the two dozen homegrown plots in this country in the past year, Revolution Muslim was linked to a third of them. Khattab says the group isn't to blame.

Mr. KHATTAB: Certainly I never told anybody to go overseas, never told anybody to break any laws.

Right Joey, and Joseph Goebbels had no culpability in the holocaust.

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