October 13, 2010

FLA: Sahar Mohammed To Evangelist Bill Keller: “Jihad Upon You" - “Your Days Are Numbered.”

Apparently this muslimah doesn't care for Mr Keller:


NAPLES — The Collier County Sheriff’s Office is investigating a possible death threat made against a Naples-based online evangelist who has called Islam a “false religion” about “death and hate,” and who is trying to build a “Christian Center” at ground zero in New York City in response to the planned mosque.

Bill Keller, 52, who hosts a paid-programming television show on MyTV8, which he described as the O’Reilly Factor from a “Biblical perspective,” said the threat was on his voicemail when he returned home Tuesday afternoon from New York City.

The caller identifies herself as “Sahar Mohammed” from the Fort Myers-based Islamic Center of Southwest (Florida), and provides the center’s phone number. She said she is angry at Keller for insulting Allah.

“Jihad upon you,” the caller said, adding later, “Your days are numbered.”

“You are a bad person, a very bad person,” the caller said. “We all hate you here. We wish you so much unhappiness. Allah is great. You condemn Allah.”...

Audio of death threat

Sahar Mohammed, don't you follow the ROP? Never mind, you do.

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