October 10, 2010

WaPo: The Mere Thought Of Muhammad In A Cartoon Might Offend Muslims

Andrew Alexander via NewsBusters:

What is clever about last Sunday's "Where's Muhammad?" comic is that the prophet does not appear in it.

Still, Style editor Ned Martel said he decided to yank it, after conferring with others, including Executive Editor Marcus W. Brauchli, because "it seemed a deliberate provocation without a clear message." He added that "the point of the joke was not immediately clear" and that readers might think that Muhammad was somewhere in the drawing.

Ironically, that seems to be the point of the joke the cartoonist was attempting to get across - that merely suggesting the Islamic prophet might be somewhere could invoke irrational sensitivity, thus making censorship ridiculous.

Even CAIR thought the excuse for censorship was weak, and they've perfected the art of offense over nothing:

"The reference [to Muhammad] in this case was so vague that I don't even know if offense comes into it," said Ibrahim Hooper, communications director of the Council on American-Islamic Relations, a Washington-based group that combats stereotyping of Islam and Muslims.

Kudos to the Washington Post's ombudsman for scolding his own paper. Cowering to certain, violent-prone religious groups has gotten absurdly out-of-hand. It goes beyond ridiculous; It has gotten downright frightening.

The cartoon is question is below the fold, not to hide it, but because it is a rather long image.

wheres muhammad.gif

The editors at the Washington Post so feared offending Muslims, they were concerned that the mere possibility of Muhammad being portrayed in a cartoon might provoke. Such submission is nothing short of dhimmitude. When cowards like those at the Washington Post preemptively and selectively stifle free speech so as not to offend certain groups, it undermines everything America stands for.

Some people give all to protect and defend our freedoms. Some give nothing.

Bonus cartoon

For the record, I am the originator of the "Where's Mohammed" cartoon. I created this years ago for my Bobblehead Mo character:

findBHMo copy.jpg

Bring on the fatwas.

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