October 04, 2010

Police kill two protesters in South Yemen, Update: Wounded?

Update: I'm not sure if they were killed or wounded, despite the al Sahwa artice. Will advise. Maybe two wounded during demonstration honoring two killed. Update 2: the Yemen Post says two were wounded.

Original: The photos they are holding are of a 16 year old killed by police during a prior protest. The sign says, "The sign says, "Stop Genocide Against People of the South."While one US official recently stated, anonymously, that civilian deaths in Yemen are overstated, every one inflames public sentiment and adds to the secessionist momentum of the last three years. Several hundred peaceful protesters were killed by security forces since protests began in 2007.


Sahwa Net- Two people were killed on Monday in clashes between Yemen's security and gunmen in Dhala governorate following staging protesting activities of the Southern Movement.

In response to the calls of the Southern Movement, a number of southern governorates carried out an inclusive strike in which shops were closed down.

The spokesman of the Southern Movement Abdu al-Matari said that the Higher Council of the Southern Movement would resume an inclusive strike on the coming Monday.

He made clear that the strike would appeal to neighboring countries of the Gulf States not to hold the football 19th Arabian Gulf Cup in the South. The football 19th Arabian Gulf Cup is to be held in South Yemen in December 2010.

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