September 28, 2010

Al-Jazeera: The US as the bad guy, not the suspected al Qaeda operative

I don't know for a fact that Sharif Mobley is a member of al Qaeda or al Shabaab, but he does admit meeting with the spiritual leader of al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula Anwar al-Awlaki. Since he's not a journalist, I'm pretty sure his motivations for meeting with the most dangerous man in the English speaking world weren't exactly pure. What, you think they were discussing fuzzy kitties?

But in a puff piece on him by al Jazeera, Mobley is portrayed as an innocent victim of the US war on terror. Al Jazeera:

As he drank tea on a Sana'a street, eight masked men burst from two white vans and tried to grab him. Terrified, he ran, but was brought crashing to the ground by two bullets to his legs and bundled into one of the vans.

The method of abduction may have been brutal, but it was not the work of a rebel group or criminal gang. Instead, the armed men were Yemeni security agents, and in a set of legal documents seen by Al Jazeera, Mobley's lawyers allege they were operating on behalf of the US government.

Yeah, right, poor poor Mobley.

The article does go on to mention that he is "accused" of killing a guard during an escape attempt. What they don't mention is that Mobley murdered the guard as he was kneeling in prayer.

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