September 27, 2010

5yr old Child Makes Chemical Bombs To Kill Robots, Lots Of Robots

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At Aces: Maetenloch, the young moron - snippet:

A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Moron

So before the whole Mexican midget tranny deal went south I was doing my annual clean up of the computer room/laboratory and stumbled across some old boxed up documents. One of them turned out to be a photocopy of the very first short story I ever wrote, way back at the wee age of 5 and a half.

I remember begging my mother to write it down for me being that I was illiterate at the time. So she sat down and duly typed it out on the family typewriter. She may have corrected a word or two and added in some punctuation (and breathing pauses), but it is pretty much is as it tumbled out of my young hyperactive mouth.

I do recall that it was loosely based on a dream I had. Probably brought on after watching a marathon of Johnny Quest and Lost in Space. And you can already see in it some of the themes that make up the Maet of today - concern over the extraterrestrial menace, an unhealthy interest in explosives and chemicals, and a fondness for technology-enabled violence. Clearly I was Abby Normal already at the tender age of five.[Rest]

Must read.........LULZ

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