September 23, 2010

Sweet: US Running Paramilitary Forces in Pakistan

If Pakistan isn't sovereign in the so-called 'tribal' areas, then screw them: it's Chicago rules, baby!

The revelation that the CIA is running Pashtun operatives from Afghanistan into Pakistan forthcoming in Bob Woodward's new book has been confirmed:

Confirming an account in a new book by famed reporter Bob Woodward, the US official told AFP that the Counterterrorism Pursuit Teams were highly effective but did not offer details.

"This is one of the best Afghan fighting forces and it's made major contributions to stability and security," said the official, who spoke on condition of anonymity.

The 3,000-strong paramilitary army of Afghan soldiers was created and bankrolled by the CIA, designed as an "elite" unit to pursue "highly sensitive covert operations into Pakistan" in the fight against Al-Qaeda and Taliban sanctuaries, according to The Washington Post, which revealed details of the new book.

Pakistan denies it saying no "foreigners" are operating in "their" country. Which is funny, since the Afghan Pashtuns are now "foreigners" in an area in which the majority of the people are Pashtun, where there is little to no Pakistani control, and where the Punjabis in the army would be viewed as more "foreign" than Pashtuns from across the Kyber Pass.

But, alas, the noble lie. If lying to the Pakistani people will prevent the Taliban or Taliban-like forces from taking over the third-rate nuclear power, then so be it.

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